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Then.......Morton Supplies, Inc. began as an equipment leasing company in 1979.  Due to poor quality retread products resulting from the shift in market concern from quality product to "pushing rubber", Morton Supplies, Inc. purchased a TurnKey Sure Cure retread plant from Long Mile Rubber Company in 1983.  Morton Supplies, Inc. operated from a 5,400 sq. ft. plant and warehouse.



Morton Supplies, Inc. relies on superior TECHNOLOGY, EXPERIENCE, and QUALITY.


Now.......Since 1983, the Illinois corporation of Morton Supplies, Inc. diversified into a variety of products and services ranging from new tires to retreading to commercial service.  Morton Supplies' growth and change calls for a plant three times larger than the original size.  Morton Supplies distributes to an area that spans from Wisconsin to Tennessee, Missouri to Ohio by truck (see Sales Routes).  Morton Supplies, Inc. distributes a wide variety of new tires and retreads operating six delivery trucks.

Despite the growth and change since 1983, Morton Supplies, Inc. remains family owned and operated, and dedicated to our customers.


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