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Our retread plant offers skilled tear down and reconditioning of worn commercial tires.  Morton Supplies, Inc. retread process begins with inspection for cuts, bulges, punctures, and normal damage of the casing.  Technicians buff the tire to remove the worn tread design.  Experienced technicians repair the identified damage.  New tread design is bonded to the casing for a properly reconditioned tire.  Final repairs and touch up provide a perfect operating tire.


Step 1

First, our experienced technician inspects the tire bead to bead for identification of and marking of all defects.  Trained inspectors utilize electrical impulse technology to detect nails, nail holes, cuts, tears, and bad repairs.  Electric currents allow identification of buried defects.  Our tradesmen ensure only sound casings are retreaded.


Inspection Importance

Quality. Quality Retreads begin with detailed and thorough inspections.

Inspectors at Morton Supplies, Inc. utilize Grazing Light to detect subtle irregularities of incoming casings.


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