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The premier Retreader of medium truck and commercial tires

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Morton Supplies, Inc. is a premier Retreader of medium truck and commercial tires.

As a retreader we recognize retreading is the highest use of worn tires. In addition to retreading we collect and sort commercial tires from select locations and customers insuring that their worn tires are properly recycled or disposed of. We are interested in saving as much of our environments depleting natural resources as possible.

We are a DOT licensed retreader, an IL EPA licensed storage site and an EPA approved used tire transport in 37 states. As a licensed transport we collect used tires at various sites with our drop trailers and transport them to our site in, Morton IL. There they are sorted, and go through the rigorous inspection process as if we were going to retread them ourselves. If they pass inspection they are graded and sorted to our casing customer’s specification and shipped to other retreaders or casing suppliers to be retreaded.

The tires that are not retreadable are shipped to licensed shredders or disposal sites where they are processed into TDF, chips, crumb rubber, used in pyrolysis or otherwise properly disposed of.

Tree Environment

Our Mission

Our Mission is doing our part to save the environment by using our expertise returning as many retreadable casing to service possible. According to the Retread Tire Information Bureau, “Tires are basically a petrochemical product. It takes 22 gal of oil to make a new truck tire. Since most of the oil is found in the tire casing which is reused in the retread process only 7 gal of oil are needed to retread that same tire.” That’s a savings to the environment of 15 gallon of oil per retread.

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